What We Do



We’re LiteSwitch and our goal is to bring healthy snacking and it’s wealth of benefits to businesses in the north east. With a free, installed and completely managed LiteSwitch vending machine, we offer your team the option to eat healthier through the day and you get to reap the rewards alongside them. There are a ton of benefits to eating well from both the personal and corporate perspective. You can read more about some of those benefits on the Why You’ll Love It page.

Although most people are now aware of the benefits of eating more responsibly, we spoke to a lot of people who still find themselves filling up on junk food regardless, simply because it’s more readily available and they just don’t have the time to go hunting down the good stuff. Granted, the hunt would shed a few pounds but then there’s where to pack the spear and trying to get the tribe to share the petrol money fairly… we thought surely there’s an easier way.

After some hard thought and some terrible jokes, we came up with LiteSwitch. The service is simple, we supply, install, stock, clean and service a healthy LiteSwitch vending machine in your place of business, completely free of charge. This allows you to not only show that you care about your staff and their health, but also to reap the productivity benefits of having a happier, healthier, more energetic team.

You don’t just get a machine fully stocked with tasty nibbles like soft-baked breakfast biscuits, cereal bars, popped crisps and protein snacks, but the selection also includes a range of chilled fruit, water and juice drinks. We also tailor your selection based on what’s popular with your staff.

If you can see the benefits of a healthier team at no extra cost, Contact Us and we’ll do the rest!