Why You’ll Love It

It’s not exactly ground-breaking news that a huge portion of us (pun absolutely intended) have pretty poor eating habits, especially those who work a lot and aren’t left with much time to prepare meals or.. eat. We decided to give people a choice, a fair choice. Most people know that there are plenty of benefits to cutting down on sugary and fatty snacks and super corrosive carbonated drinks but they’re still often underestimated. We thought it could only be beneficial for all to offer great value tasty, healthy and low fat snacks as well as healthier drinking options too.

As an employer, healthier staff can translate into much better work performance, higher engagement in tasks and sharper, longer periods of intense focus. Here’s a bit more info on the effects of ditching the junk food and making the lite switch.

Feel Better


A diet that includes consistently high levels of sugars, fats and other nasties can have a devastating effect on your body and mind, even though you might not notice the effects as they slowly creep in. Restrictions on blood flow alone make it harder to move and harder to think, meaning every day tasks each take more effort than they should. Eating foods with high sugar contents can result in a restriction of the cardiovascular system, making your heart work harder to feed your muscles and your mind with the energy they need to work. This can cause fatigue, irritation, lessen willpower and has been linked strongly with depression.

Too much salt in your system can cause water retention, making you feel bloated and dragging your mood down. Trans-fats often found in processed and fast food bring their own big dirty bag of negativity to the party, adding high amounts of nutritionally empty calories which will have to be burned off just to get back to square one. They also raise levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol while lowering levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

Not only are the direct physical effects worrying, the hidden knock-on effects of these changes can be huge. For instance the cycle of lethargy is a real kicker, because exercise releases endorphins and other “reward” chemicals in the brain, making you feel better. No energy means no exercise which means feeling worse and not having the energy to exercise. It can be a vicious circle and being smart about these seemingly small eating decisions can often cause better habits which could ultimately effect a person’s entire life structure and achievement. We’ve actually experienced this first hand, which was a large part of the inspiration and motivation to start LiteSwitch in the first place.

Think Faster



Eating junk food can have profound negative effects on cognition and critical thinking. As well as already having worsened blood supply to the brain and feeling lethargic and unmotivated, eating unhealthily negatively effects brain function and chemical balances. Trans-fats have been found to often replace existing, “better quality” fats in the brain and subsequently impair brain function and general information processing speeds.

As well as making it harder to wrap your pants around your waist, a poor diet will make it harder to wrap your brain around a task. Trans-fats are known to replace the better quality, more nutritious fats in the brain which slows down information processing. Studies have shown that a junk food diet, where most of the calorific content is ingested in the form of fat, can have extremely strong negative effects on memory and learning. Rats fed for just a few days on this sort of diet (>50% of the calories from fat) were unable to complete a maze which they had previously mastered. Let that sink in – they actually lost abilities that they had previously developed.

High intake of sugar over a short period will also cause a sugar spike, which is the rush of energy that you get after downing all of those cans of energy drinks. Just like a kid after eating too many sweets, your brain gets a rush of uncoordinated activity which is followed by a crash in energy levels. This is caused by your body producing a ton of insulin to counteract all of the sugar you’ve just dumped into it. Sugar levels bounce up and down as the insulin kicks in and you’re left with an overall deficit of energy. This of course makes thinking slower, blood pressure higher, lowers mental stamina and can lead to some very serious problems in the long term, chief among which are heart disease and diabetes. The more frequently your body is put through this, the higher the levels of risk, so doing this daily is a recipe for regret.


Work Harder



With happier, better motivated, more alert, focused and switched on staff, your business will be able to more efficiently run it’s day to day activities, better deal with customers or clients, handle unexpected situations better, think laterally to come up with different ideas to set your business apart from the competition, as well as minimising employee turnover by making them more likely to do well and progress within the company.

You should see reduced sick pay outgoings as your team take less time off and become more reliable. Staff who are happier, more tolerant and therefore better able to get along will provide an all round boost to the working environment, making work more pleasant and therefore more engaging for everybody. The ability to focus harder for longer periods and therefore achieve better results is something that’s been right in front of our eyes for a long time, yet many businesses still don’t properly understand the importance of taking care of staff this way.

Our goal is to help bring all of these benefits to your business and staff, and to do it without charging you a penny. Many businesses spend thousands a year per employee on staff training in attempts to increase staff performance by teaching them new and advanced techniques. That’s all excellent and investing in your team is definitely the right thing to do, but to us it seems like trying to build a fancy villa on a foundation of chocolate.

If you can see the potential benefits of having a convenient source of healthy snacks and drinks available in your place of work, fully managed and stocked for you, then we’d love you to get in touch and speak to us about it. Ask us any questions you may have via the Contact page.